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We are boastful to be the most affordable cleaning company. Our cleaning services are however, uncompromised. Thankfully, as a Process Engineer, I got such incredible skills.

We use safe and natural products during our cleaning services. It is our ultimate goal to protect the environment and our clients from hazardous substances.

We offer cleaning services to retail stores, post construction companies, offices and gym clinics. Our services don’t end there. We also clean carpets, strip and wax, windows, high dusting, and many more.

Our clients give testimonies and references on the stellar job we do. We are pleasurable to have more customers board the wagon and enjoy such amazing services.

Our biggest pride is making it our business to take care of your business. With the happiest team of cleaners, the smile will soon be on you.

Meet the brilliant brain behind JCE Solutions

I was employed as a Process Engineering Section Manager. It goes beyond saying that I was equipped with skills on how to make the process efficient. Quality is guaranteed, cost effectiveness is fostered and productivity among employees is assured. That is the guiding point in my business today.

Three years down the line (2015), we arrived in Canada. I cleaned major office establishments in Saskatoon as a side hustle. This is where my passion of starting JCE Solutions brew.

I amassed tons of knowledge and experience in commercial cleaning after being employed as a clear within a year. The gained expertise boosted me to set up my own cleaning business and over-deliver cleaning services to my clients.

My employees and I are focused to satisfy all our clients’ cleaning related needs. There is an appropriate qualification check conducted to ensure that all employees have work etiquette, the needed skills and professionalism to handle the tasks relevant to the clients.

We are always happy with what we do.

Ryan Eustacio is the CEO at JCE Solutions.

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