The art and science of natural cleaning methods

Natclean is an innovation by JCE solutions to achieve better and stronger cleaning quality by using chemicals that are naturally occurring. This is in line with our main objective of a greener and safer environment.

Natclean was developed after years of scientific experimenting on the efficiency of numerous chemicals and their impact on the environment when used in specific amounts and concentrations. From the results achieved, Natclean was born. Since then it has evolved to fit seamlessly into any cleaning standards. This is the same programme that we use in all types of cleaning that we do and it is 100% safe, and efficient.

Bicarbonate soda, microfiber and steam are the most essential and effective ingredients of Natclean.


Just in case you are wondering where we apply the microfiber, here is your answer. We discovered that cotton leaves lint on the surfaces. In addition, it has no static attraction to the surface thus spills dirt during the cleaning. This is where thin microfiber comes in.

Bicarbonate soda

This is the one solution to a number of common cleaning headaches. The solution contains sodium and bicarbonate ions that help in brightening, deodorise and kill bacterias and any contaminants on all surfaces.


Steam is mainly used to dry clean inanimate surfaces. The surfaces dry instantly. The working principle of using steam in our cleaning is that it has enough heat energy to break strong bonds and send contaminants into a liquid solution.

Additional safe and green chemicals used by us

In order to get more options and to have all surfaces covered, we have a wide base of chemicals that compliment the 3 main ones. This includes Borax, oils, vinegar, citric acid and castile soap.

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