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This website-  and any other sub-domain directly related to it (hereby referred to as ‘the website’) is under JCE solutions management (hereby referred to as ‘us’ or ‘we’). This privacy policy is meant to familiarize you (hereby referred to as ‘user’, ‘you’ or ‘customer’) with how we collect, use or disclose information of our website visitors and customers, Including personal details. You can access the privacy policy from  (hereby referred to ‘the privacy policy page’). If any of the terminology aforementioned is used in singular, plural or capital form, it should be considered as interchangeable and should referrer to the same.

Content of the privacy policy

  1. About privacy policy
  2. How we collect and use personal information
  3. How we disclose personal information to a third party
  4. How we access your personal information
  5. About cookies
  6. Third party websites
  7. about privacy policy
    • JCE solutions cares about your privacy and the security of your personal details or information and therefore we are committed to safeguarding it as required by the National government policies as stipulated in the law. It’s this policy that regulates how we handle our website visitors’ and customers’ information.
    • ‘Personal information’ is hereby used to describe your particulars or personal details.
    • By navigating or browsing through the website, you confirm that you have read and understood our terms and services and agreed to the privacy policy. But if you are in disagreement with our policies you should discontinue using any service, reading or navigating the website immediately.
    • We take feedback from our users with great importance and so if you have any complaint you should contact us immediately by writing a notice which we respond to as soon as we can.
    • We reserve the rights to alter, update this privacy policy in a way that it reflects our change in information practices.

 Whenever we make a material change we shall inform our users by providing a notice on this website. The updates shall take effect after seven days of the posted notice but change on functionality and those updates made for legal causes shall take effect immediately.

 We encourage you to occasionally review this privacy policy page for the latest information on updates and change of privacy policy practices. If you continue with the use of this website and its services after the updates are on effect, you agree to the new and revised policy automatically.


  1. How we collect and use personal information


More information that we may collect from our website visitors includes the type of the browser the visitor is using, their language preference, date and time of each visitor’s request.

Sometimes we might collect extra details like the internet protocol (IP) address.


  1. How we disclose personal information to a third party

3.1 As stated on this policy we may disclose your personal details to our employees, insurers, subcontractors or any other third party with the intent of serving you better. We, however, do not trade your particulars whatsoever.

3.2. If need be we might disclose your information to the third party to comply with a legal order. For instance, we can disclose your information on:

3.3. In other instances we might disclose your details in an attempt to keep our copyright, trademark and property secure.

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